Pursuing our passions

The story goes like this, grandma had a passion for horses since she was very little, one time trying to convince her cousin to ride on one and not being very tall to balance over a horse even with the help of a chair, she brought a horse inside the house to see if they could get on it by jumping from her mom’s (my great-grandma’s) bed... But the story gets better, one day grandma started wearing pants instead of dresses to ride horses, she was the only woman in her family (and city/town) wearing “boy clothes.” She wanted to ride horses all day like her brothers and pants just made more sense. I am sure you have a similar story of woman pioneering fundamental rights by merely pursuing their OWN passions. I believed passions emanate from the truest more authentic part of ourselves. Grandma never boasted over her achievements as a feminist or fashionista , for her: horses were horses, pants were pants and humans were humans. I like grandma, I carried her story with me. It makes me a little braver at times but over all it teaches me that it serves to every human in the world to believe in our passions with good faith. Happy International Women’s Day.